NLC 1301 Blog 10: 3 topics I would like to do my research paper on

1. I would like to do a paper over gun control, in light of the recent shooting at Sandy hook elementary school. I want to know what makes these people turn into mass murderers, and what we can do to stop them in the future. 

2. I would also like to a research paper over world hunger. I want to know why it is exists, who it effects, and how we can help make a brighter day for future generations. 

3. Last but not least, I would like to do a research paper over the energy crisis, I want to know what the world is in store for when we eventually run out of gasoline to fuel our cars. 

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NLC 1301 Blog 9: Do you find the ad convincing?

I was definitely convinced by this ad, I had no idea that the justice system could be this flawed. So many people have squandered years in jail for a crime that they did not even commit, and just like that a random DNA test conducted years later proves that they are indeed innocent. Men like Anthony porter and Ronald Keith lost years of their lives that they will never be able to get back. Money should be the last issue when we are dealing with people’s lives. You are spending money simply on housing and feeding these men in jail, a simple DNA test to prove they are innocent shouldn’t be too much to ask for. In the ad, it states that Illinois freed more men from death row than it executed is a glimmer of hope, but it is appalling how flawed this system truly is. I believe that ever prisoner on death row in every prison nation wide should get a DNA test if they have not already gotten one. You are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. 

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NLC 1301 Blog 2: Is Orwell a Coward

I do not believe that Orwell is a coward. First of all, he is a foreigner in a country that he is very hated in. Most people would be too afraid to even stay in a country where you are despised because of the color of your skin. Orwell is then faced with the gruesome task of having to take out an elephant that is terrorizing the villages. Orwell then grabs his gun, but has doubts about taking the elephants life, but in the ends chooses to shoot after a large mass of people follow him. That was a very difficult task to do, and I believe that proves that Orwell is not a coward.

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NLC 1301 Blog 1: In what sense do the number and gender(s) of your siblings “explain every-thing” about who are today?

 I have a family of 7 in total, including myself.  My family includes my mother and father, my older brother, younger brother, and two twin sisters. So that means there is a total number of 4 males and 3 females in the family. I am a Muslim, and in my religion, it is a must to protect te females in your family at all cost. My siblings and father all look out for my mother and sisters in because we believe that that is the proper role of a male. I am also expected to be a provider when I grow up and  have my own family because that is what my culture expects out of men.  

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NLC 1301 Blog 8: Sports Brawl

In the picture. we can see that the two baseball teams were heated and began fighting with one another. Fighting is a natural part of any sport. Guys begin trash talking to get inside the other teams head, one thing leads to another, and people just start swinging at each other. One famous incident was between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons back in 2004 at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Two players from separate teams with known history of aggression, Ron Artest and Ben Wallace, finally erupted in in the 4th quarter when a hard foul was drawn and the players immediately began brawling. Many players became involved and players even jumped into the stands and began fighting fans. Ron Artest and Ben Wallace were before suspended for the remainder of the season. My point is fighting will always be part of any physical competition and officials need to just be prepared for that. No rule or penalty in this world can stop two guys with huge egos. 

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NLC 1301 Blog 7: Process Project

The process project was probably my favorite project that we’ve done in class so far. My team, Kendra, Henry, Edith, and I chose to do an El Salvadorian version of empenadas. We all got together at Henry’s house on sunday and began watching his mom prepare empenadas for us. We then followed her precise instructions and began making our own empenadas. We had a lot of “empenadas” that we had to throw away because we left out a step or they just came out plain ugly. After trial and error, we finally had enough empenadas to present to the class for the next day. 

When presentation day came, we had a power point made that displayed the exact steps in making an empenada. Every memeber in our group had a slide to present to the class. I presented a few slides about the history of empenadas in El Salvador. After that, it was finally time to hand out the empenadas out our class mates to try, but not before they got to dip them in sugar. 

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NLC 1301 Blog 6: How to escape from a party

“Fake an emergency” You have to be very careful when faking an emergency, you have to make sure that no one will find out that you are faking it just to get out of the party. Meaning, you shouldn’t go home and post anything on facebook or a twitter that could possibly let the cat out of the bag. (291)

“Slip away unnoticed” This task is much easier said than done. You obviously can’t do this at a dinner party or a small party, but it’s really easy to do at a crowded party because no one is keeping track of you. But, just make sure no one is looking for you, or follows you out of the house when you do decide to leave. (292)

“Slip out the window” This is a really dangerous idea and should only be attempted if drastic measures are reached. You should probably go to a back window or side window so that way when you sneak out, no one will notice you. This plan does have the capability to ruin your social status if it the plan is sabotaged  You should also make sure its not a 2nd story window, that’s why I said this is a pretty dangerous idea. (294)

“Get your date to leave” This is probably the best bet you have to leave a party that you don’t want to be at. If you date is cool enough, he/she will take the blame for you wanting to leave the party so that way you don’t to look like an ass. This works out best at company parties or parties where you guest is not familiar with the hosts.  (295)

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NLC 1301 Blog 5: Did you ever engage in a behavior that you later came to view as unacceptable as your beliefs changed or as your social consciousness developed? What made you change your attitude towards this behavior?

When I was younger I was a mean kid, and I mean REALLY mean. I would torment people that I thought were losers or beneath me. There was this one girl I was stuck in 4th and 5th grade with. I saw some kids in my class making fun of her and I joined in, but the only difference was that I would go over board with it, and I would eventually be the one leading the attacks on this poor girl. I just wanted to have some fun with the other kids in my class, but what I didn’t realize was that I was making her life a living hell. I was sent to the office in those 2 years more than my entire time in high school. I would just come into class and immediately begin harassing her about anything I could use against her. She used to write in her journal all the time in the middle off class, and I remember one day I took her journal without her knowing and I began reading out random passages to other students. Eventually, parent-teacher conferences were made and when my dad found out he was really disappointing in me and told me to stop immediately. I felt so ashamed of having to tell my father that I was bullying other kids in school, that I changed my ways for good. 

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NLC 1301 Blog 4: Would You get a Tattoo?

Tattoos are common thing in our society, people have been tattooing themselves since as far back as history goes. Some people become notorious for their tattoos, such a the guy who tattooed Mitt Romney’s campaign logo on his face or Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone he got tatted on his face. I honestly don’t know If I would ever get a tattoo because I know that down the road I might regret getting it. I am a Muslim. First of all tattooing yourself is a big sin in my religion. I would also have a very hard time picking what to get tatted on myself. Have you ever seen Islamic art? You most likely have not because it’s very boring. We’re not allowed to draw any animals or creatures because we believe that should be left to the creator. So Islamic art turns out to be just a bunch of symmetrical geometric shapes and figures.  This leads back to my tattoo point, I couldn’t have any creatures or persons tattooed on me which is a shame because a lot of tattoos are exotic animals. I would get a tiger tattooed on me if I had the choice. But who knnows, nobody really follows these rules strictly, my uncle has a lot of tattoos, he even has one with Buddha on him, so maybe some day down the line when I’m extremely bored, I might just go get a tattoo. 

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NLC 1301 Blog 3 9/25/2012

I really enjoyed reading Ground Zero, by Suzanne Berne. I have never been to New York in my life, but her essay made me feel as if I was right there. She has a really good way with expressing her emotions and  describing the scenery.  It would have been really easy for her to describe the 9/11 attacks, but that’s not what she was going for; she wanted to describe the Ground Zero atmosphere. In the entire essay, she possibly references to the attack in one sentence. She does this because there is simply no need to mention what happened, the attack was so devastating  and a tragedy on a colossal scale. I’m actually interested in reading more from this writer.

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